Amateur Radio Station W9OWO

Auburn, Indiana

Alpha Delta DX-DD

My primary HF antenna is a 40/80 Meter dipole, installed as an inverted V with the apex at 31’. Due to lot size, I am limited in antenna length. The Alpha Delta has proven to be a good option in my case. I have one end anchored to my garage roof and the other end secured to a yard shed. Both ends are at 10’ height.

Larson 1/4 Wave 2/440/70CM

My VHF-UHF vertical is mounted on the same pole as my 6 Meter Squalo. I run on 15 Watts for local repeaters.

Comet CA Super22 1.25 Meter

Mounted on my rooftop at about 22 feet, this antenna having a 6.6 db gain satisfies my wishes for now. Access to a 30 Watt repeater in Fort Wayne returns full-quieting FM reception and signal reports indicate FB transmission.



About My Antennas

vertical ant