Amateur Radio Station W9OWO

Auburn, Indiana

Alpha Delta DX-DD

My primary HF antenna is a 40/80 Meter dipole, installed as an inverted V with the apex at 40’ in an oak tree. Due to lot size, I am limited in antenna length. The Alpha Delta has proven to be a good option in my case. I have one end anchored to my garage roof and the other end secured to a yard shed. Both ends are at 10’ height.

6 Meter M2 HO Loop (Squalo)

My 6 Meter omnidirectional antenna is on a 21’ iron pipe at 20’ height. 6 Meter is not heavily used in my area so I’m pretty much dependent on a band opening for contacts. Sometimes it’s ”magic” and sometimes not.

Larson 1/4 Wave 2/440/70CM

My VHF-UHF vertical is mounted on the same pole as my 6 Meter Squalo. I run on 15 Watts for local repeaters.

Comet CA Super22 1.25 Meter

Mounted on my rooftop at about 22 feet, this antenna having a 6.6 db gain satisfies my wishes for now. Access to a 30 Watt repeater in Fort Wayne returns full-quieting FM reception and signal reports indicate FB transmission.

DX Engineering 43’ Non-Resonant Vertical

My vertical antenna is ground-mounted and has 48 radials. It is also equipped with a MFJ-998RT remote tuner. I use this antenna for 160 Meters and have it connected through an induction coil system designed by Phil Salas, AD5X. This antenna is my only option for 160 Meters and it works quite well.

Pixel Magnetic Receiving Loop

For separate receive, I mounted a Pixel Loop on a fencepost in my back yard. I added a light-duty Radio Shack rotator. The Pixel is an outstanding noise canceling antenna. The included amplifier produces a low S/N ratio allowing reception in an otherwise impossible condition.


About My Antennas

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