Amateur Radio Station W9OWO

Auburn, Indiana

Ten Tec Orion II

My Orion II is the “HF Anchor” in my shack. Having used several other HF transceivers, the Orion has become my favorite. This amazingly versatile radio has virtually every feature that I could want and then some.

Kenwood TS-2000

My Kenwood takes on where the Orion leaves off with 6 Meter, 2 Meter and 440 in two separate receivers, both having a full menu of capabilities. Add to that the cross-band repeater, Sky Command, Satellite and built in TNC, here again is a radio that fills my “wish-list.” Plus, being an excellent backup HF rig.

TYT 9000D 1.25 Meter

Cautiously putting my “toe in the water” for 1.25 Meters, I purchased a Chinese transceiver to access a new repeater located in Fort Wayne. I’m anticipating increased use of the 220-224 MHz frequencies as the popularity of this band grows. At this point and in my location, “the silence is deafening.”

Tokyo Hy-Power Amplifier

Both of my transceivers feed into a THP HL-1.5KFX. The Orion has a band-select cable and the amp follows that Orion automatically. The THP is ready to go at the flip of its switch with no tuning required and no warmup needed. The amp “remembers” to go to antenna 2 port when I use the Kenwood for 6 Meters.

MFJ-998 IntelliTuner

My MFJ tuner is another “dream machine.” Automatically tuning any antenna and remembering which antenna, according to the frequency in use. Both of my transceivers use a low power CW carrier for tuning and the MFJ rapidly answers every command.

Palstar DL2K Dummy Load

Connected to one of the three tuner outputs is a Palstar legal limit dummy load. Useful for testing and comparing antenna efficiency. The DL2K is fan cooled and has a lighted meter that accurately reads RF power in either of two ranges.

Astron RS-70M

Powering everything in my console is my Astron power supply, wired to two RigRunner power strips using Power Pole connectors for all equipment. Power Pole connectors, while offering fool-proof electrical contact also allow quick and easy disconnect when rearranging equipment.

Heil PMD-6 Headset

My headset microphone is wired to both transceivers through a modified data switch. The switch includes a relay that activates a home brew “ON AIR” light that seems to impress visitors to my shack. I just think it’s fun!


About My Station

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